Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's been a while since I've talked about FF MMOs, hasn't it?

Viva Eorzea 5 Minutes before Dalamud Impact

It's been a while since I've blogged about Final Fantasy MMOs.

Since Dalamud crashed, I've kind of been wandering in lack of MMO-land until "A Realm Reborn" hits beta testing.


My thoughts on FFXI/Adoulin:

In the meantime, I've heavily considered coming back to Final Fantasy XI, and old friends have suggested I come back to that game, but despite the announcement of "Seekers of Adoulin", I still think the game has grown largely stagnant. MMOs are nice but without a story to play on, I'm just not interested. I think my Vana'diel days will remain in the past for now.


Viva Eorzea:

In terms of Final Fantasy XIV, I'm coming back with Viva Eorzea in full swing, though we will likely move to a North American server. We've switched things up, though. The vision of the linkshell in 1.0 was to recruit as many people as possible, but due to the changes in the game, We're changing it to be more of a small close-knit LS that gets things done on our own. With most events requiring a party of 8 and some raids requiring 24 people, it shouldn't be that big of a deal, luckily.

Oh! Voice chat. If I had the option, I hope voice chat isn't as integral to success in ARR that it was in 1.0 (but it probably still will be). Instead of paying to use Ventrilo or the like, we've settled on RaidCall, a free voice chat service. It is (to my great surprise) a really good program, and like I said, free!

Our LS Room is...

Room: Viva Eorzea
Room ID: 5547535

and my username is "UltKnightGrover". Feel free to say hi. Unless you're an official member, you will be restricted to the Lounge or AFK rooms.

Did I mention I hate talking? I regularly mispronounce things and constantly stutter.
Anole = Anal
Marauder = Marooder

Oh, the list goes on. Try pronouncing "Qufim Island".


Character Creation:

Anyway, character creation...

We all get one free chance to re-create our character and retain our stats and what not. I'm debating on being either a dark-skinned hyur like my current build OR changing to a male cat-man with similar skin features as my Hyur. I'm largely undecided. We'll see! I do hope we get more hair options. I was unsatisfied with my hairstyle in 1.0. (See below)



I do love some of the new music. It seems most of the new themes are composed by Masayoshi Soken while still using "Answers" from Nobuo Uematsu as the main theme for the whole game in general.

I like Soken's compositions as they're more ambient and more fitting for a MMO and not as repetitive as Uematsu. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the old FFXIV themes, but the repetition doesn't have the appeal after a while. I hope the old FFXIV themes by Uematsu are used and restricted to cutscenes only. (And the victory theme stays in the game for...obvious reasons!)


Limit Breaks:

New adventures? New raids to complete! I'm looking forward to this. How frequent can they be activated, when is appropriate to trigger a Limit Break? It sounds exciting!


Score to Settle:

Oh yeah, see these people? They will die. Eventually! We have a score to settle in 2.0. :)

I'll be around in the first phase of the Beta due to my status as a Legacy Member. Until next time!

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