Friday, February 8, 2013

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #5

Hey guys, back with the 5th Development Log! This one will be mostly about Selatria development.


It's the day after auditions and only two people arrived! I didn't realize how unreliable people could be. Next time, we plan on having a more organized audition sheet. People will need to provide first and last name, email, phone number, and a time they would like to come to the studio to audition rather than just the first two. Saves us time, and makes us look a bit more professional. However, those who came to audition were very great at performing the roles they auditioned for. So maybe some time was saved in the long run having to sift through audition after audition.

As for development on the game itself, I'm currently working on implementing more voices into the game. We ran into a little problem last week or so. The in-game voices were only coming out of the left speaker! The problem ended up being that the recordings were done with Stereo but only one microphone, or something like that. A bit of going into the files and changing all of the voiced lines from stereo to mono solved that problem. Luckily on a 2D RPG, nobody would tell the difference. On a 3D project, there could have been some problems there...

Also, there's work being done on the animation for casting spells. If you played the demo of the game, you'll notice that every little thing had a casting animation. Monster attacks like a "Bird Claw Attack" for example would have magic casting animation. Or when Luis was trying to remember how to cast a spell, that would use a magic casting animation. We're planning on dumping the casting animation for everything but "actual" spells!

Here's a preview of the new casting animation, done by Matthew Estrada. We decided to dump the default "transmutation circle"-esque casting animation for a more unique one.

Last and certainly not least: Here's a new in-development shot with some of the new mountain terrain assets by our game artist, Jennifer Gilliland. You can check out her art here.

The game is coming along very beautifully. I wanted the game to stand out before it was ready for the fundraising pitch, and it's going great! For the most part, the team is getting along very well and are all-in on keeping me updated on what they can do to improve on the game.

I love the collaboration aspect of it all, it's very exciting!

A few days ago, I posted that the Indiegogo pitch will go live on February 23rd. Next week will be spent getting that set up and written so it's ready to be posted. Then it comes to filming the game footage for the debut pitch trailer. At least I'm calling it as such. 


I will say this much. If the game really gets off the ground, I'm going to invite all of the local team and head to a restaurant somewhere using my share of the proceeds. You can hold me to that!


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