Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #6

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Hey all! Back with the sixth development log! Today was an extra work day of sorts at the studio. Getting internet set-up and configured, Paul passing out NDAs, preparing to mail back people their contracts, and getting ready for phase 2 of planning Selatria out. (Indiegogo pre-orders is Phase 3 and Kickstarter is Phase 4!)

Internet is set up! Now to get the computers all situated...

 Paul Vela (Mr. Fun) planning out financial information!

I mentioned it before, but unfortunately Selatria's fundraising pitch is going to be delayed. Likely until March. I want to make sure all of the assets are a go, and we have a strong pitch for funders to be confident in supporting us in our venture! 

That aside, I would like to say the game studio is coming along very well. A lot of my personal funds are going into making it work out, and from the progress we've been making since we've started setting up in December, I think it's really beginning to pay off.

Onto the projects, Selatria is making good pace. As always, we're a little behind on where we should be. But quality is better than speed, no?

Upcoming Selatria Battle System Improvements:

Here is some game footage with some of the upcoming visuals. I apologize for Moths that are using a color swap of the Bees, there will eventually be updated finalized art for those concepts. (See "New Concept Art" below!) 

You may notice that an ongoing glitch in the demo if you've played it is that if someone executes a team attack before their turn goes, the turn is skipped. Unfortunately, it's seen in the above demo as well when Mage casts "Bolt" and it's skipped when he chains with a Fire spell. I just fixed the issue and it'll be finalized where Mage casts "Bolt" to stun an enemy, Melanie can trigger a chain with "Fire Blade", and Mage will chain on top of "Fire Blade" with an additional "Fire" spell.

With the timing of Team Attacks, one can unleash a chain of attacks and spells to make the above battle end much quicker than it's presented. Do keep in mind that two of the four characters are fairly under-leveled in the footage.

Some future changes I would like to make to the battle system to also make it more interesting: I would like to make some adjustments to Team Attacks so that chaining will add EXP and damage bonuses, as well as show some special graphics when a chain is achieved. A multiplier, perhaps?

New Concept Art:

Here are some upcoming monster concepts.

The following monster concepts are by Erik Boismier, these will appear in the forest area above and replace some of the placeholders!

And here are some new monster concepts by Chris Guerrero, one of our newest artists in the team. You'll see these monsters come in on Chapter 3!

Invites to the Studio to test out Selatria:

I'll start asking those who are interested to stop by the studio and play through some of our projects and give feedback. There are plans on inviting from the most hardcore of gamers who will try to rip the game apart, to inviting people who have never played a game in their lives. The different perspectives are needed in order to determine if the game is too easy or too hard at the appropriate spots. More info to come on this in the future, though!

Updated Selatria Credits:

It's been a long time coming, and I apologize for not doing it earlier. This reflects the updated team as of, well, today. The voices on the demo are outdated, and unfortunately some left (or resigned from an active role) in the project because they couldn't commit time to it any longer, and had to be re-cast. The new voices will be reflected in an upcoming demo of the game that will be released simultaneously with our upcoming fundraising pitch.

Check out all of the wonderful people that caused this project to be a go!

Updated Selatria Credits

And that's about it for this update. Until next time!

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