Sunday, March 10, 2013

Part 1 of things I don't appreciate.

I don't appreciate it when people bring up a problem that they have and then state that it's because "other people" in the group bring it up. It's a level of passive-ness that I don't appreciate.


Person: "Some people" don't like that you're doing x.

Me: Some people? Who was it? Why didn't they talk to me directly?

Person: Well, because I'm talking to z, and they thought they would talk to me, it would be more comfortable.

Me: Well, I'll talk to that person and see if I can clear things up.

Person: No, no, no. What if it isn't z? Why do you assume it's z? Maybe it could be y.

Me: I talked to y, and he/she seems fine with it.

Person: Oh... well some people don't like that you're doing x.

Me: Okay. I'll keep that in mind.


It's YOU that doesn't like what I'm doing. I would appreciate that. Not that I would change what or who I'm involved with, but I would appreciate some direct-ness than try and "rally" up this "invisible" force that doesn't like what I'm doing. That'll be the end of that.


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