Monday, March 25, 2013

Selatria : Lore Post #1

My first attempt at making a lore post! Well, it'll be a cross between lore and development. There may be some game spoilers afoot. I'll try and stop myself before going too far, but we'll see.

Name Pronunciation:

Given the nature of the word "Selatria", I've heard a lot of interesting pronunciations of the name of the game. The most common one is Se-lat-ria. With the emphasis on "lat". My friend who is an EMT pronounces it "Sel-atria" with "atria" as in heart.

The correct pronunciation of "Selatria" is Sell-a-tree-ya.

Name Ideas:

The name came up from a poll taken back in 2011 between a variety possible game names.

I was originally thinking "Mage's Tale" because at the time, we had literal names for each character. The main character's name was "Mage", the best friend's name is "Knight", etc... I was originally envisioning an old 8-bit era name convention. We eventually scrapped the idea, but I decided to keep the main character's name Mage because I liked the simplicity of the name and it could be something players can relate to.

It reminded me a lot of the simple names Nintendo came up for their characters that really didn't make any sense at first. "Red" for Pokemon, "Link" in The Legend of Zelda, "Cloud" in Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VII. One syllable names that are simple were most appealing to me for a main character's name, and Mage stuck with me the best out of all the other names floating around.

Anyway, we eventually settled on the game name Selatria. Jabari came up with the idea for the name, and it caused me to do some research.

"Sela" is Hebrew for "rock". "Tri" is a root word for three.  The "A" at the end romanticizes the whole word. So the name of the game could mean "Three Rocks". Selactic energy in terms of the game world is a magical essence that is released through ground sources across the world. It can escape in the form of energy that flows in the air, Selactite which is the energy trapped in a natural jeweled form, or the vegetation on the land.

But there are only two selactic sources in the game world... or are there? 


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