Saturday, March 30, 2013

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #9

Hey all, back with my ninth development log!

In the last development log, we were kind of hit with a bunch of obstacles at once, and it forced us to re-plan and prioritize what projects were better going forward with, and how to finish a mostly complete game project that had its intellectual property pulled from under it.

We've discussed how we were going to reform what we did own the rights to and talk about forming those ideas into a new game, and are going to present it tomorrow in the meeting.

Next development log you guys will see concepts of this mobile game in development, now called "Swarm", as well as art concepts from our upcoming action game "Angry Grandma".

Oh! I also made an interesting post about how Selatria is pronounced the other day. Do take a read through it if you please!



The fundraising for Indiegogo will begin soon. We originally planned for February 23rd (which was a month ago), but other projects had to take an emergency precedence, so it was pushed back. Now we are planning for April 22nd. It would be in our benefit to launch full-force on a Monday, but we also need time to polish and make the game look and play very well.

Oh, a new theme!

Here is a preview theme for the "Ice Cave", composed by Elijah Lucian. He's also the voice for an upcoming antagonist in the game as well!

And here is some unfinished footage of Chapter 2 that's still under development. When I get some finalized footage, I will begin showing previews on the official Selatria YouTube page. So please subscribe and check it out!

Voice Actors Involved: River Kanoff, Kristyn Mass, Anthony Hintzen, Karen Elizabeth Wetherell, Neil Stucky
Artists Involved: Jonathan Flynn, Jennifer Gilliland, ArtzBy Gyreck, Erik Boismier, Hannah Bottenberg
Music: Luke Simpson
SFX: Donald Brown
Designers/Programmers: Grover Wimberly IV, Matthew Estrada, Jonathan Dishaw

We're opening a new round of auditions for Selatria in mid-April at the studio!

Some roles that will be open - Pirate Captain, Pirate Grunt, Arena Announcer, Prosecutor, and a male main character role who breaks out into random uncontrollable rage.

I'll also post auditions on Voice Acting Alliance the same day I come up with a date for the in-house auditions. If you be interested, lemme know. This will likely be our last audition session for Selatria since we mostly have the characters and the cast finalized at this point. :)

And last but not least... juvenile jokes are not spared!

That's about it for this development post. Until next time!


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