Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Indiegogo Campaign FAQ's - Selatria Indiegogo Update #1

Hey guys, I just wanted to post about some of the FAQs about the Selatria project.

What happens if we don't reach our goal of $5000?

Selatria will still see its way to completion whether or not the goal is reached. If you pledge an amount for a reward, you will get what has been promised to you. If the $5000 goal is not reached, however, we will not be able to use our work days to be able to finish it in a reasonable September time-frame. Development on the game will continue much as it has been before the campaign; largely in our free time. 

How far is Selatria in development? 

-The story/lore is mostly complete. We have all of the main events and plot planned out. The second half of the game still needs to be broken down into individual lines for the voice actors.
Dialogue for the NPCs and different characters for the second half is yet to be written.

-In the case of mapping we have between 180 and 200 completed maps. These maps vary between whole floors of dungeons, house interiors, weapon/armor shops, save point rooms, and hidden areas. In order to finish Selatria, we would need between 40 and 50 more maps for the rest of development of the main story, sidequest areas, more towns, etc... So we're currently between 75-80% done with the mapping.

-In terms of the cutscenes and events we're currently about a third of the way through.

-For voice talent, it depends on the role. Most of the main roles are about halfway done with the game. 

-About half of the music of the game is currently composed.

 As an estimate for the whole project, I would say we're about 40% complete.

Why RPG Maker? What are your sources of inspiration for creating and working on Selatria?

RPG Maker is seen as an undesirable tool by some serious developers and gamers due to its widely accessible nature and many games that freely steal resources, are rushed, or are of poor quality overall. 

However, we would like to join the new trend of games that dispel this notion. Recent successes of games such as Aveyond, To The Moon, Eternal Eden, Legend of Erthia, and Deadly Sin (which were all developed on the RPG Maker engine) were an inspiration to develop Selatria.

Selatria doesn't use any illegally ripped or stolen resources and all of the assets have been created by scratch or a license is owned to use that resource. We are trying to make the game assets be original as possible.

Steam/Desura Release?  What about Macs/Mobile?

Unfortunately, we do not have any current plans to release on Steam or Desura. However, we have plans to launch on indie-friendly game websites such as Amaranth Games and Aldorlea Games.

A native Mac version would be a giant undertaking and developing a version specifically for that platform would require much more than we are asking for. We will look into developing a Wine wrapper for Selatria to have it run on other platforms. If you have other suggestions on how you may be able to assist us in legally bringing Selatria to other platforms other than Windows-PCs, please contact us!

When do you plan on releasing the game?

If we make our goal, we are confident that we can release the game around the end of summer 2013. If we do not make our goal, we will work on the game when we can, and it will be released when it's finished to our satisfaction.

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