Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Selatria - Meet the Characters

Face art by +Jonathan Flynn 

Meet the Characters

Voiced by: Jabari Lewis-Smith

“Yeah, yeah. Responsibility and blah, blah, blah! Thanks for the pep talk, Mom.”

Mage is an exemplary(?) student at the Availian Academy who is well on his way to graduating. But of course, before he can finish, disaster strikes that sends him and his best friend Melanie on an exciting adventure across the continents of their world. As both a narcissist and a sloth, he’s only gotten as far as he has because of his stout friendship with Melanie.

Voiced by: Vikki Ceballos

“Damn it, Mage! I said to be careful! Now look what you did!”

Melanie is THE star student at the Availian Academy. Even as a child, she had great skill and promise, and thus she was sent from her orphanage to one day become a powerful knight. She and Mage have been good friends since she joined, though Melanie has now taken it on herself to watch over him and fix his many, many, many, MANY mistakes.

Voiced by: River Kanoff

Listen here, you little snot! I’ve been saying this same damn line to measly adventurers like you for the past 15 years!”

The true star of the whole game, Luis is an NPC gone rogue, who has taken it upon himself to save the world along with his sidekicks Mage and Melanie. Tired of the days where he would just repeat lines to adventurers over and over again, he has now taken it upon himself to do what these adventurers could not.

(Disclaimer: Written by Luis)

Voiced by: Kristyn Mass

“I don’t have a name like you. They called me Number 016.”

A former assassin from the Dakk’rian region, her mission was to quell any resistance that Faylien might pose. However, she has one fatal flaw: she has empathy for the innocent. This leads to a realization that she has been manipulated and deceived by her country, and that is not something she can stand for.


Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a story without determined and hard-headed foes. Here are a couple you’ll run into as you start your journey...

Commander Shaw:

Voiced by: Jonathan Dishaw

“You! You’re more trouble than you’re worth. I see now there’s no point in keeping you alive!”

As the commander leading the initial charge against Availia, he has taken it upon himself to crush any resistance and capture anybody with a semblance of magical power. He then utilizes this power for himself, and for his Emperor.

Number 015:

Voiced by: Anthony Hintzen

“The fall of Faylien begins today. It is a shame you won’t be able to see it!”

Number 016’s “brother” has been trained in much the same way she was. However, his loyalty, unlike his sister’s, is unwavering and absolute. He has taken it upon himself to hunt down his sister after her desertion.

Side Characters:


Voiced by: Bowie Alexander

“I am here for you, Master Mage.”

A mysterious Hat that Mage found during the course of his final examination. It can grant its user special skills and magic that any magician would be envious of. Though it seems there are other secrets contained within his tattered folds...


Voiced by: Bowie Alexander

“Hello! I am Talker!”

A talk show host recently put out of work, Talker wanders from town to town giving talks at the local pub. Always a giver, he lets you use his Voice Communicator to silence him [and all voices, for that matter.

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