Sunday, April 21, 2013

Selatria Team Bios

Here are the bios of some of the team!

In-House Developers:

Grover “Hot Snow” Wimberly IV is the Producer/Director of Selatria and the founder of Whim Independent Studios. He started Selatria in early-2011 while in senior year of university and continued the project with a steadily growing team until present. In Selatria, he came up with the original game concept, battle system, dungeon and overworld designs, the characters, the rough draft of the dialogue, and ensures the game remains consistent within the team.

Matthew “MME” Estrada is one of the lead developers of Selatria. He is a programmer/scripter, game designer, and event planner for the game’s various scenes. He has developed the boss encounters, NPC dialogue, scenes and character interactions, and dungeons.

Paul “Mr. Fun” Vela handles the human resources department of Whim Independent Studios. He ensures the project operates within legal boundaries, makes sure that everyone in the team is up-to-date with the legal mumbo-jumbo and will handle the budget and percentage allocations. He allows the team to focus on the actual development of Selatria.

Jonathan Dishaw is our current writer, dialogue planner, game designer, and part composer. He currently writes and plans the dialogue, area designs, script animations, balances the abilities and characters, and designs some areas on the side.

Jennifer Gilliland prefers to be called Jen or Jenny by her peers, because it makes her feel less old! In Selatria, Jen took her first shot creating sprites and had a blast doing so. She also helps concept environments and characters, because she really enjoys characters, painting, and improving! She went to Digipen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA and after a ton of boss battles she graduated with her B.F.A. She aspires to be a Texture Artist or Character Artist in the video game industry. Her blog can be found here.

GYRECK is a digital and traditional artist, as well as a writer and Electrical Engineer specializing in Robotics and Digital Circuit Design. His contributions to the Selatria project included Sprite Editing and Status Effect Icon Design. On The Interwebs:,,

Donald Brown - Sound Designer

Featured Voice Actors:

River Kanoff is an aspiring voice actor in the Southern California area. He's currently being mentored by voice actor Zach Hanks (Soundawg, AVO Talent), recording for commercial projects over the internet. He also has an amazing Fiancee who is super awesome and incredibly good to him. No one could ever live their life without her. River is so dependent on her, but that's okay, because she loves him. Megan is his main support, and without her, River would be lost, and stuck living in his car under a bridge. River is a loser, and should really learn to love corn and bread. But especially Corn Bread. That is all. Megan rules.

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