Friday, April 19, 2013

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #11

Hey guys, back with the 11th development log!

Face shot of Melanie, by +Jonathan Flynn 

The first part of the big pitch for Selatria is coming soon. We have a rough draft of the pitch ready for Indiegogo and if everything goes to plan, we're to launch Monday. I'm very excited about it!

We have a rough draft of it mostly written and the business bank account is being opened in the morning in order for the contributions to be processed at the conclusion of the crowd-funding phase if it goes well.

Thanks to Jonathan Dishaw, he also filmed a section of us against the art wall talking about the game and we are going to have commentary that will go along with game play.

Composer Christopher Nuño stopped by the studio this week to work on some themes for Selatria and Codename: SWARM. The music of Codename: SWARM I shall show in a future development log, but check out the theme for an upcoming character for Selatria, named "Harmony".

As for the art for Selatria, Jennifer Gilliland has been working on the design for the Emperor. Check out her progress on the character on her blog. Do keep in mind some of the designs are tentative and will change on its way to the completion of the game. The mask for certain we agreed will be more of a chrome color than a brown color, for example. Speaking of which, some of the team and I are going to meet her in person in May to carpool to a video game development meeting down in Aliso Viejo. Fun stuff!


Last but not least, check out some of the new models for Codename: SWARM by Paul Diggs:

They're coming for your food!


What about my future plans?
After the pitch goes live, I'm going to be designing many more team attacks and assisting with the writing of the final chapters for Selatria. I also have some dungeon ideas that I would like to implement in the game for some of the middle chapters.

There are also a lot of team attacks to design and figure out who chains with whom and draw up with a web of many different chain attacks. That'll actually be really fun, until the balancing part comes in... Oh, and mapping new areas. Lots and lots of mapping!

There is much work to be done! I hope this all works out. I have my fingers crossed!

That's it for now. Until next time!

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