Wednesday, May 8, 2013

RE: America's Best High Schools

A fellow game developer posted this on her wall, and I had this comment ready and then it got deleted! :( So, here goes!

My first big regret was learning programming so late in high school as an elective. An elective that no one wanted to take and was eventually dropped because the school wanted to pump more money into bribing kids to do well on state exams with food and pizza. :|

If they put more emphasis on programming classes and introduced them around the time people learned Pre-Algebra and told them "Hey! You know those games you play and those apps on that phone you fiddle with when you're supposed to be learning stuff, you can make your own games and apps by learning this". People will excel and do better in math/science and they have fun doing it. Hell, I probably would have cared more and not had to retake Algebra in 9th grade!

/end rant

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