Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A May Gaming Rant!

It's the beginning of May, and I feel like talking about what I'm playing through or looking forward to in my spare time!

Final Fantasy XIV - Beta Phase 3

Since I'm a staff member on a FFXIV editorial site, I was allowed by Square-Enix to break the NDA to talk about my thoughts on the Beta Test version of "A Realm Reborn". You can see that editorial from all of the staff at "Secrets of Eorzea" here.

Phase 3 of the Final Fantasy XIV beta will be starting in early-June, which means I can use my level 50 character!

Though I have Paladin, Warrior, Black Mage, White Mage, Bard, Monk, and Dragoon at level 50, as for the launch, I'll probably only be gearing up PLD, WAR and BLM as main jobs and the rest will come on a greed or "gear up for xy content" basis. I'll be playing through the new low level content as Arcanist and that'll be quite the easy road to 50 because unlike players who are starting off who have all jobs to level on the quests they're handed, I can focus it all on one.

For more information on our linkshell, you can check out our newly created LS website that Elie's currently working on, or our linkshell's Facebook page. Elie will be posting LS strategies for upcoming content on the former, and I post a lot of up-to-date information on the latter, which you can find an interesting read if you're into Final Fantasy.

Linkshell Group at Castrum Novum
(L to R) Divo Divine, Rionnen Ragnarok, Nyda Morioka, Candlestar Arandur, Raime Einherei, Me, Kitana Masters, Zell Dragori, Elieris Zaelen, Clayers Ray, Lukeprime Titan

Pokemon SoulSilver

I stopped playing this a few years ago (early 2011?) when Pokemon Black Version came out. I transferred all of my Generation IV pokemon from SoulSilver and Pearl Version over so they arepretty much completed games with NO pokemon on them at all. (Well, except an event notched ear Pichu I couldn't do anything with.)

Though Pearl was my first version since taking a near 7-8 year hiatus from Pokemon. (It was a mix of peer pressure in middle school when Yu-Gi-Oh was the new thing and my great displeasure with how Ruby and Sapphire essentially rebooted the franchise), I felt like I played that version to death and caught what I needed to.

SoulSilver, however, I felt like I greatly rushed. I had level 100's from Pearl and LeafGreen (which I played after Pearl) and I traded them over when I got to the Kanto region making it a very swift adventure and in a sense killing the enjoyment.

Now that my Level 100's are on Generation V, and there are some holes that need to be filled on that dex, especially when my V pokemon get uprooted to Generation VI X and Y, I wanted to give SoulSilver what I feel is a fair playthrough.

So I deleted the file with no pokemon and started anew, nicknaming my whole team and generally having some fun in the process.

I just got to Azalea Town last night and I'm in the Slowpoke Well. My team is looking as follows ---

Totodile - "Chompy" - Level 14
Ledyba - "Bugbug" - Level 13
Ekans - "Charbuckle" - Level 13
Wooper - "Woopah" - Level 9
Slowpoke - "Pokeygirl" - Level 6

Other games I'd like to play:

I'm pretty limited on spare time, so I only allocate a few hours of gaming (if that) a night. I have a feeling it'll pick up again once "A Realm Reborn" launches and I have linkshell events every evening again. But most of my once gaming time is used for work and setting up a development studio nowadays. After SoulSilver is complete, I'd like to use that time to finish Xenoblade Chronicles, as I keep putting off for some reason. Dragon Age, too.

That's about it for now. Until next time!

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