Monday, May 20, 2013

Thank you for supporting Selatria!

Thank you all for supporting the Selatria Indiegogo campaign!

Unfortunately, our campaign has almost come to an end, and we have only raised $701 of our $5000 goal. However, that doesn’t mean we’re giving up hope for the future of Selatria.

Plans are being set into motion to revamp the message we’re trying to send, have better public relations to get our game out there a bit more, ask for a much smaller goal, and have a dedicated fan-base to launch our revamped pitch with.

We’re currently working on a new video to show the production of the game, launching with three trailers and an updated demo with new visuals.

For those who have ordered their perks for the Selatria project, you’re not forgotten! As this is flexible-funding, we will certainly use what we’ve raised to continue development on the game, although due to not reaching our goal, it is not feasible to finish the project by September as originally anticipated. Your perks will come as they’re finished/ready. The game/complete soundtrack/additional perks will be sent when the project comes to completion, so please do not be concerned and consider your contribution a pre-order for the final version of the game at a greatly discounted price.

For more information on development for Selatria, you can check the following links.
Game Company Webpage:
Selatria on IndieDB:
Selatria on Facebook:
Selatria on YouTube:
Selatria on Tumblr:

We hope that those who have supported us for the Indiegogo campaign will support us when we prepare the game for its next endeavor!

Thank you,

Grover Wimberly IV
Selatria Producer/Director
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