Friday, May 17, 2013

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #13

Hey guys, back with the 13th development log.

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We're currently writing up Chapter 4-6 and someone new is joining the writing team. Her name is Karen Wetherell and for those who have played the demo, she also portrays Commander Llona in the game itself. 

Matthew Estrada and Jonathan Dishaw have also been promoted to co-lead game designers for the project as Matt is focused on working on the puzzles for some of the areas, and Jon is working on scriptwriting as well as coming up with the animations and game balance.

 Here are some areas in development! By Matt, Jon, and Myself. Keep in mind there will be an environmental art overhaul coming soon. These pictures are subject to change before final release!

Selatria Campaign Re-Launch:

It's safe to say that the Selatria campaign didn't go nearly as well as I wanted it to go, and that's okay! It takes some failure to get a success, and there's a lot of things I wish I could have done for the campaign the first go around.

We stumbled out not ready to go with a demo of the game on the first day and the preparation movie was rushed and could have used more time to get material ready. I'm currently filming a "Making of Selatria" movie that has commentary from several people who have worked on the game and shows some filming/recording in practice. 

There were also comments that I've received were about the art and how it was a turnoff to them supporting the project. I'm looking into how that could be improved for a more overall consistent style for the project that still remains unique.

So the verdict: We learned our lesson - We know how to improve for next time. People who ordered through the Indiegogo Campaign need not worry as well, as the rewards and pre-order will carry over!

For current information on Selatria and how to pre-order and contribute, take a look at our official website!



ANTics development is underway as well! If everything goes as planned, we should be able to launch sometime during the summer. However, progress has admittedly kind of slowed down while we focus on getting Selatria ready, and multi-tasking has never been a strength of mine.

We'll be meeting tomorrow with Gerren Willis, our lead programmer in order to program more of the game and get more of the bugs antics (ha, no pun intended) programmed into the game.

ANTics Kickstarter Announcement:

We're going to pitch ANTics to Kickstarter during the summer.

However, the game isn't quite ready for public viewing yet, as there are still too many placeholder assets to show an accurate prototype of the game just yet. However, do take a look at some of the bugs you will encounter!
Models by: Paul Diggs


For current information on ANTics, take a look at our official website!

Make sure to listen to the main theme on the page as well!

That's it for now. Until next time!


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