Monday, June 10, 2013

Pre-E3 2013 Conference Analysis

Microsoft E3 Press Conference @9:30 AM Pacific / Sony E3 Press Conference @ 6:00 PM Pacific


I'll have to catch it after my doctor's appointment. I'm predicting Halo 5, and the new CoD Ghosts game. What else, though? They'll probably be playing quite the defense due to mostly player backlash. But to be fair, if past mistakes are any indication, they're usually the laughing stock of the convention anyhow.

Sony can probably go one of two routes, and there's no doubt that they've been analyzing how well the Xbox One has been going across with gamers. Route A: They go towards the same path Xbox One is taking with DRM knowing that their competition is doing it too and there's really nothing hardcore gamers can do against it other than not buy either console or go for a WiiU. Or Route B: Use the conference as a great opportunity to pick up lost gamers and try to convince them that a PS4 is a better choice and show off convincing [or not-so-convincing] games or features of their console. There's also the chance they may too piss off people with their own policies, but that wouldn't be a smart thing to do at the conference itself, and they might do what Microsoft did and wait until afterwards.

Oh, if you don't believe me that Microsoft was the laughing stock in past years:

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