Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trypophobia - The 'fear' of repeated patterns

We were discussing fears on the way back from a game developers' meeting yesterday, and we were discussing sprite sheets for ANTics and how it would make our skin crawl. I mentioned due to the repeating patterns of the ants, it literally made my skin crawl, and kind of itchy.

We then got to talking about repeating patterns make us uncomfortable and really itchy. I mentioned how the laser scene in the first Resident Evil made me so itchy that I had to leave the room [Not out of fear, but how the repeating hash patterns of the laser made me so itchy I couldn't watch it reasonably]

Turns out my condition has a name, trypophobia. The "fear" or reaction to repeated patterns.

Google it up and see some pictures that are someone who is trypophobic. I couldn't bear it, again, not because I'm particularly scared of the pictures themselves, but because my skin uncontrollably gets itchy.

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