Monday, July 1, 2013

RE: What kind of game designer are you?

I am a "Gamer" and "Dungeon Master".

Gamer -- I feel like the player should have a lot of fun. Want to play your own way? Sure. I give you all kinds of options on what and how to build your team. Want to go for all the collectibles and extra stuff? By all means! I'm a collector/achievement whore myself. Games I design tend to have a lot of easter eggs.

Dungeon Master -- I love to put in hints in the game, and have little quirky lines that the characters say if the player is doing great or if they got an unfortunate case of either bad luck, bad skill, or both. I don't like leaving the player lost, because I feel that it kills enjoyment of the game. However, I don't like it to be completely obvious either, because it's insulting. The archetype there was spot on!

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