Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #16

Hey guys, back with the 16th development log!

There's lots of special announcements today, so I'll get right down to it!



-Alpha testing of Chapter 2 begins on Tuesday, July 23rd! We are looking for enthusiastic players to test out some of what is in development.*

***As it is an alpha test version, lots of the content will be subject to change, so there will be an NDA that you will have to agree to in order to play through the content. Voices will not be available in the alpha test version, and the art, music, sound effects, and gameplay provided are subject to change.***

If you're interested in applying for the alpha test for Chapter 2, head on over to our Company webpage "Contact Us" section. Fill out the information:

In the topic put "Selatria - CH2 Alpha Test Application"
In the comments put "BASELINE".

We look forward to having you try out the new chapter!

Here are some screenshots from Chapter 2 and a new video for upcoming Chapter 3 as well!

 Mage and Melanie have a moment.

 Flashback scene to where they first met.

Continuing where Chapter 1 left off.

Some minigames in Chapter 3.

Featured Music: Luke Simpson, Elijah Lucian


We don't have any new game-play footage this log, but it is coming soon! Paul Diggs is hard at work on creating candy models so we can show the game off in its entirety. There will probably be some new footage for the game in the next dev log!

For now though, we have some new music! By Christopher Nuño --- This song will play when the boss has a critical level of health.

We've also been working on the behaviors of the different bugs you'll encounter in the game. Take a look!

Some enemies you'll expect to see in ANTics:
Models by: Paul Diggs


The basic vermin of ANTics, hence the name! Goes straight for the nearest candy after being called by a scout.

HP: 1, DPS: 1


A special type of ant that looks for food. Once it finds food, it heads off the battlefield in order to call reinforcements. Best to get rid of a scout before it calls more ants. (They also move three times as fast!)

HP: 1, DPS: 1


The grasshoppers are not as frequent as ants, but as they can also eat candy, they're also harder to destroy and takes two hits instead of one.
HP: 2, DPS: 1


Bees can wander around the field, it is not advisable to touch them at any cost, as they are mostly a distraction. They'll also vibrate your phone and penalize your score while you try to stop other bugs from getting the candy, bad idea!

HP: \infty , DPS: 0

There will be more vermin that will be posted in the future, not to mention the mini-bosses and the superboss of the game.


That's about it for this development log. Until next time!

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