Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #17

Hey guys, back with the 17th development log!

This development log is mainly about Selatria. Lots of new things incoming!

Voice Acting: 

Matt was cropping out data for the alpha test earlier, and come to find out in three chapters of Selatria development we have over 875 voice acted lines implemented into the game! What a feat for an indie game, don't you think?

We'll be opening up auditions for more roles on Thursday, July 25th! Come back to the blog and check out what is in store! Lots of male and female roles about. I was going to get to posting the audition lines and character backgrounds for this development log, but there was not enough time in the day... :(

New Character Art:

Check out some of the characters in Selatria. The first one is a new character, you may have seen her hinted at the end of the Version 1.3 demo. The second character has also been seen in the demo, they both have new designs to fit the consistent style. Art by Jennifer Gilliland

New Music!

We uploaded some new music onto our SoundCloud page. Check it out! The battle theme in Selatria is going to have a variety of arrangements. Here is an example of two of them you will encounter. All of the battle themes below are composed by Luke Simpson.

Unfortunately, the dynamic battle themes are not in this alpha version, but we're working to get them in by the time the second half is ready for alpha testing.

Selatria Battle Theme (In Cave)

Selatria Battle Theme (Ice Continent)

Chapter 2 Demo!

Our chapter 2 demo is now online! Download it off of our development team webpage!  Some things you should know before playing:

  • All party members start off at level 20 and suggested equipment for that section of the game.
  • You cannot visit areas in Chapter 1 in this alpha test.
  • The game goes until Chapter 2-3. We're basically testing how players handle the difficulties the game gives from an objective standpoint.
  • Art is not in a finalized state. Terrain and monster art is in the process of being upgraded to be more consistent with the look and feel of the game. Faces have been updated to the consistent style and Luis's sprite and looks have been tweaked since Version 1.3 Demo.
  • Voices are not available in this Alpha Test version. We want to test gameplay mechanics before adding voices. Exceptions to a certain boss battle in-game.

If you find feedback or issues, please report the bugs! We greatly appreciate it!

Here are some screenshots to mark the occasion!

PS: Be sure to write in the journal before taking on the Armadillion! I heard he was pretty tough! There will be a special prize for the first person to send me a screenshot of them taking it down!

That's about it for now. Until next time!


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