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Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #18

Hey all, back with the 18th development log! Today's development log is going to focus mostly on Selatria! Some of the team were invited to a Game Audio meetup last Saturday down in San Juan Capistrano, and lots of networking opportunities were had. It was a lot of fun and I got to learn a ton of others' experience doing audio technical work in the game industry.

I've been pretty ill the past couple of days since that event, so a lot of game development on my end has been from the comfort (or lack of) of my own bed. I've been clipping together a lot of voices and doing the scenario planning for a lot of chapters in order to reduce the workload and get it planned out while we have a finished script.

Anyhow, I've gone off on a tangent. Let's get right down to it.


New Selatria Characters:

I revealed a couple of new characters on our Selatria page the last week or two. I will elaborate on their personalities, at least a rough draft of their descriptions that will be on the Kickstarter pitch and virtual instruction booklet -


Waltear - Art by Jennifer Gilliland

The original leader of a resistance faction against the imperial Dakk'rian Empire, Waltear was captured in a surprise attack, and taken prisoner to the remote city of Verwin, a remote Dakk'rian city that prides itself on being a desert resort for gambling and betting via its world-famous Arena, where prisoners are taken to fight for their lives against brutal monsters.

Doomed to a fate in the Verwin arena, fighting endlessly as a Gladiator to the amusement of the crowd, Waltear uses his Samurai skills in order to excel out of his situation, but time is running out before a monster will come that he can't defeat...

The main party is sent to retrieve Waltear from his doomed fate by the Resistance. But will they make it to him in time?


Waltear focuses on physical team attack triggers. He can start attack chains where other party members can join in on. Here are some sample abilities (All abilities are subject to change!)

Whirling Dervish - Spins rapidly, attacking multiple times. May cause a Team Attack.
Rising Sun - Delivers an intense slash that inflicts two stacks of Burn. May cause a Team Attack.
Instant Incision - Waltear makes a series of incredibly fast cuts, attacking first.


Gobby - Art by Jennifer Gilliland

Growing up in the Goblin Village in the Southern Isle, Gobby had a peaceful life until recent attacks saw him and his companions conscripted to the Dakk'rian imperial forces. Gobby is sent on his initial mission under Commander Llona to attack the Faylien port metropolis of Heiveir.

Unlike his goblin companions who continue to follow orders of the Commander, Gobby realizes a basic sense of right and wrong and helps Melanie, who is trying to defend the harbor. After the Dakk'rian forces disregard him as a wretched beast and a traitor, the displaced Gobby begins to follow Melanie as a mother figure.


Gobby makes use of archery and tools in order to create attacks. A lot of  Gobby's abilities are contraptions that require the use of items in order to execute. Here are some sample abilities (All abilities are subject to change!)

Aim - Delivers a precisely timed shot that never misses.
Overdraw - Fires with an extended draw for increased damage.
Poison Arrow - Strikes a Poison Arrow right to the heart. Has a chance of inflicting Poison.
Barrage - Fires multiple arrows at random targets.



Composer Christopher Nuño stopped by the studio a few weeks ago to compose some themes for Selatria. He brought a small board to compose MIDIs and started to hammer out a couple of themes while we worked on the game. I recorded two of the themes when he was fine tuning them.

The first theme in development is going to be used for a beach resort. A sample of the finished theme is down below on the SoundCloud links.

This is a movie of a special boss battle theme in the works. I won't spoil it (though I really want to), but I hope the challenge that comes with this song will be justified! I only recorded part of the song, you'll have to hear the rest of it in the game itself!

Here are also two themes on the SoundCloud page. One is a completely new theme that hasn't been shown in the public yet. It's going to be the new theme of the Gatehouse composed by Luke Simpson. For those who have played the Chapter 1 demo, you'll see this in Chapter 1-3A when the next version of the Chapter 1 demo is released!

The second theme is one you've seen on the YouTube page, and one I've shared on Facebook and this blog already. It's going to be the theme for a Resort House and town. Check it out and listen! Chris wanted to go with a theme that is cohesive with the main theme of the game as well.

Looking for Voice Talent:

We have a lot of auditions coming in for voice talent for Selatria. Lots of roles for Chapter 2-4 are open. We originally had even more roles open than what we have listed, but in order to keep costs down, we voiced some of the characters that only have 1-2 lines in-house. So yes, I will have some voices as some very minor roles, as well as some of the other developers. Apparently I can pull off a "naive" person. Who knew?

Auditions end in just under two weeks, so take a look at the thread if you want to audition!


We will have a new PR person taking charge for public posts on Facebook, and our new Twitter and YouTube accounts. So posts will becoming more frequently for the games in development as we lead up to the Kickstarter pitch. His name is Louis Shepherd and he'll be managing several pages such as our upcoming YouTube page, our Tumblr, and our Facebook and Twitter.

I will still be doing big development log entries here as well, that way, especially for our backers in future projects can see the continued development of the project they help support.

At the rate we're going, ANTics is heading for a late August or September release and Selatria is aiming for December, but we're still not quite sure of a definitive release date for our games.

As the biggest feedback was the inconsistent art style for Selatria in the Indiegogo feedback, art-wise we're developing the game in three phases: Leading development on this is Jennifer Gilliland:

Phase 1
: Coming up with an art style we're happy with and morphing the faces to that style.
Phase 2: Redoing the monsters to fit the consistent style
Phase 3: Making unique terrain that sets Selatria apart from the RTP-style.

We're likely going to try for Kickstarter once Phase 2 is completed in order to get Phase 3 done since, personally, I think that will be the hardest section to do since environmental art is harder to accomplish.

Oh, I'll finish this off with a new screenshot of the Southern Isle, which is a group of towns on a group of islands that will be some of the focus for Chapter 3.

The mountain designs are unique assets and are by Jennifer Gilliland. The Southern Isles were mapped by Matt Estrada and Jon Dishaw mostly. We originally planned on having one small town in the center of the group of islands, but we figured it would be more fun if it was a group of towns that are interconnected by ferries and tunnels.

That's about it for this development log entry. I thought this would be a bit longer, but I'm not feeling very well so I'll let the medicine do the talking.

Until next time!


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