Thursday, October 17, 2013

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #21

Hey guys, back with the 21st development log!


We have finished the main portions of Chapter 2 and released the Alpha version of said chapter for testing since the last development log. There were some critical bugs that were found in the game and we got quite a bit of feedback, so we took the game down from the public for a little while. We are currently planning on fixing a good portion of these bugs and then put the chapter up for testing as soon as possible.

Among some of the major feedback we've received is that status effects aren't explained too well, and the pacing between the puzzles and boss battles becomes too challenging at once. We'll be performing some buffs and adjustments in certain areas to make the progression in the game more smoothly.

At the same time we're putting fixes to Chapter 2 content, we've moved forward to Chapter 3. Check out some of the new music and cutscenes for Chapter 3! Music in SoundCloud by Christopher Nuño. Last theme for the minigame in the video is provided by Luke Simpson. Character art by Jennifer Gilliland

I do want to remind that given that this is an alpha version, some of the graphics are placeholder until the art team gets to it, this version of the alpha is meant to test game breaking bugs and and gameplay concerns. We will have testing of graphics in meticulous detail come when the game hits the beta version.

Regarding Upcoming Kickstarter:

We will be launching a Kickstarter for Selatria in late November given the current pace. Just in time for the holidays! First, we plan on making sure our backers from the Indiegogo campaign get all of the promised tier rewards and kept in the loop on the progress of the game.

Indiegogo backers will also be grandfathered into the reward tiers from that phase. Thanks for being early adopters of the project!


It's almost complete!!!

Check out some new gameplay footage of ANTics! The game is about 85% finished, and you'll probably see some aspects of the game that aren't final/currently placeholder, but we have a really fun game on our hands!

Purchase ANTics when it drops on Google Play in the near future for 99 cents. We will also be working on a Kickstarter for ANTics: Exterminator Edition coming this winter with added monsters, levels, and music. We may give a special reward for Exterminator Edition players for those who have beaten the first version of the game as well! So stay tuned.

That's about it for this development log. Until next time!

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