Thursday, December 19, 2013

Good King Moggle Mog - ARR Version Strategy (Patch 2.1)

I typed this up for Viva Eorzea Linkshell/Company, here you go.

Moogles: Good King Moggle Mog (Top)
(L to R):Furryfoot (WHM), Woolywort (ARC) , Ruffletuft (WAR), Whiskerwall (GLA), Tailturner (THF), Pomburner (BLM), Shaggysong (BRD)

What you want:

2x Tanks (Both can be WAR or PLD)
2x Healers (Preferably WHM and SCH, but 2x WHMs work too. Need at least one WHM)
4x DD. Any works but spread the variety out so LB builds faster. One DD should be in charge of marking the moogles kill order for phase 2 during phase 1.

Phase 1:

Moogles spawn one at a time starting with Whiskerwall (GLA). Kill them as quickly as possible. If you remember Version 1.0, it's like that only they spawn much quicker. one DD should be /assist point to lead the charge on what dies in what order. While they spawn, they should be marking the numbers for Phase 2.

It does not matter which one you kill in what order, as long as Whiskerwall dies first and Ruffletuft (WAR) dies last. (If he even dies... with a 6 relic party we were still unable to kill all moogles.) The off-tank should get Ruffletuft WAR moogle as soon as it spawns and start building hate on it for phase 2.

Memento Moogle (Super Move) #1:
After 4-5 minutes of Phase 1, all dead moogles will respawn and head to the center of the battlefield to prepare Memento Moogle. That's its super move that does more damage proportional to the amount of moogles you didn't kill. The more moogles you fail the kill, the worse damage it is. That's why ignoring Ruffletuft helps because of the high defense value he has.

The main tank will start doing single-target hate moves on Good King Moggle Mog during their little dance/performance. Use your buffs and top everyone off as accordingly (as you do with Hellfire on Ifrit or Aerial Blast on Garuda)

Phase 2 -- Part 1:

Main Tank will bring Good King Moggle Mog to the North Wall and hold it there and look pretty. Unlike Titan, the MT will actually have to dodge quite a few things, so it's not that simple.

Off-Tank will get Ruffletuft (WAR) and Whiskerwall (PLD) and as many side moogles as possible and take it to the opposite side of the Arena. Hold these until the party gets to kill them.

The Mark DD will then kill in the order I specify below - These four need to be zerged down fairly quickly and this is the most chaotic part of the fight.
Furryfoot (WHM)
Pomburner (BLM)
Shaggysong (BRD)
Whiskerwall (PLD) <--- Use your Damage Dealer LB here

Memento Moogle (Super Move) #2:

After 4-5 minutes of Phase 2, The Good King Moggle Mog will use Memento Moogle once more. If you haven't killed at least 4 moogles by this point, it's a wipe.

Phase 2 -- Part 2:

Kill off remaining moogles in whatever order you please, and then kill King last. By this point the fight should be manageable and you should be able to figure out if you're going to win or not.

Good luck! It took me 4-5 tries in a duty finder group to get it down.

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