Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Resentment and Cynicism

Today marks eight years since I've started blogging, and the reason why I made a blog in the first place was out of me being angry about the life situation I was in at the time and how I was treated.

I find now that it is time for me to be less resentful and cynical and put that energy into more positive thoughts and feelings!

I feel like I'm wasting too much energy worrying and wallowing in what was and what used to be rather than looking forward to where I can be. Though I will always understand and accept what has happened, I've learned from my mistakes and missteps and know how to deal with these problems that will arise, but there's no reason to have negative feelings about them any more.

I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions, so I don't consider it one. I am human, I am bound to let feelings get the better of me, but instead of bottling up negative feelings, I won't let them get in my way of judgement in the first place any more.

Also: Just because I rant about things, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's out of an angry tirade. I just want to talk about things that are really on my mind and really drive said reasons for posting. I just think the reason behind my posts have changed from me ranting about the past to me ranting about my goals and what I'm going to get there. And in that, I already think that this is a start of a great change.

And that'll be the end of that. :)
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