Thursday, March 27, 2014

Halatali - Hard Mode Strategy

I wrote this up for Viva Eorzea. I did Halatali HM this morning. Here's how the bosses go.

Boss 1: Cyclops Boss

Avoid Swings/Swipes like Coincounter in Aurum Vale

When he prepares 1000 Tonze Swing (Super Move): (It takes up the whole arena) Hit the mammet contraption. The Mammet will spawn a blue protective circle, run into it to avoid damage.

Drops I've seen: 50 Mythology, Hardened Sap


Treasure Box between Boss 1 and 2:

Dropped Darklight Earring of Healing


Boss 2: Catoblepas

4 Panels. Designate each party member to one panel. Spawns orb (I'll talk about that later)

Spawns an eye add (literally on its eye) that does constant AoE pulse damage. You know this is coming when it says something along the lines of "The catoblepas eyes are turning yellow."

When eye add spawns, hit the orb on the panel you're assigned to to take a blindness effect, harder to hit mobs but pulse damage is reduced.

Titan-like plumes spawn on the battle field. Looks like a giant eye on the ground. At first only one spawns, near the end of fight, 3 of them spawn on battlefield. You have time to dodge it.

DD LB the second time he spawns an eye.

Drops: 30 Mythology, got Magician's jester hat (BLM/THM ilevel 70)


Boss 3: Class Light Party: Healer, Archer, Gladiator Lancer

 We killed in order Healer >> Archer >> Lancer >> Gladiator

Lancer ignores any and all hate. Whoever it attacks, have them kite it.

Healer goes down pretty fast, same with Archer. Gladiator we got to 50% and then phase 2 of the fight happens.

Phase 2 - Beast add and Thaumaturge Lalafell

Kill the Gladiator and finish him off and then focus on Lalafell. The Lalafell will use a binding move, have the tank hold the beast away from the lalafell and hit the Scepter NPC that spawns to get rid of the binding move. Other party members will get stuck at times. Use the DD LB to finish off the Lalafell and then fight the beast down to claim victory.

Drops: 45 Soldiery, Potash

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