Thursday, March 6, 2014

Producer Rant

I find it insulting that team members say they're not being adequately involved with the production of the game. Last week we've had to adjust percentages of the team based on the amount of contributions that person has made relative to others in the project since the conclusion of the Indiegogo campaign.

Those in the team that stopped sending in contributions or messaging regarding art assets in the project had their percentages decreased, those who continued to send in assets to the project had their percentage increase.

If we end up not using it, we scrap the assets and give them back to the user for their personal use. It's not anything complicated, it's not personal, we just want the game done as soon as we can.

We have gotten emails from some that say they weren't informed of what we need in the project, and I call 'bull' on that. I make it a point to release large-scale developer logs and post to hundreds of people announcing on a large scale of what we're doing and how we're progressing. I post on our Selatria Development Team on Facebook with updates to the project on a near-constant basis.

To say that they aren't kept up to date with the project is outright insulting in my opinion.

That's the end of that.
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