Monday, April 14, 2014

April FFXIV Eorzea Adventures

Grover Eyeveen from Hyperion here! April has been a good month so far for me in Eorzea! Here's a quick rundown of my adventures!

I ran Titan Extreme with the free company, and we were shocked to see one of the new 2.2 variant mounts drop. I was lucky enough to win the roll and got a new mount! Its legs have rocks that float around them in orbit! It's really cool looking!

I was able to complete Leviathan and Moogle Extreme Modes! Leviathan is pretty scary, and my friend Naztear brought me along and helped me through it. Early on, I was getting hit by a lot of the dashes and got knocked off the boat a couple of times. I haven't really desired to go back since, but I did get lucky and won the wave shield from the 1-2 runs we won that night. Moogle EX I find to be easier and more fun, I am knowledgeable enough to get that on farm status and I went with a few pickup groups to do that, haven't seen any tanking ribbon drops from that, and I think I have a new method in order to teach Viva Eorzea how to do Moogle Extreme. Sorry, no pictures from that!

We got a free company estate! We settled for a Medium size in Ul'dah. Due to us getting it really late compared to other free companies on our server, we had to go for what was left medium size. Personally, I wanted a large house and the votes went to Gridania as a location. With the choices we had, not only we opted for one of the relatively empty wards, we went for functionality while we were at it. We were able to get a really nice cliffside view and right outside is the summoning bell and market boards. Score! Due to the emptiness of the zone, we don't have many FC neighbors and the lack of lag in the area is very nice.

Fat Chocobos and Moogle Minions were sent to Collector's Edition holders this last weekend. I think the Fat Chocobo is really cute looking and it even has its iconic theme from Final Fantasy IV! The wind-up minions are really cool too, they dance if they get near another person's Moogle Minion.

Last but not least, I completed Turn 5 in the Binding Coil of Bahamut!

I decided not to go with free company members or members from my static party, I opted to do this leading my own party finder group with my own set of separate expectations. I made a Party Finder in a much different tone than most, opting for making a party where a clear is not expected. I asked for people who are nice/understanding and willing to get on voice chat and talk strategy in extensive detail before even queuing to enter. I was up front with everyone, understanding when they messed up and why, and we were highly communicative and talkative during the run. It was really easy going and after 5-6 failed attempts of getting closer/minor messups, we were finally able to get it down. The Allagan Battleaxe and Aiming Pants dropped and I'm hoping to get two friends from my static the win on Monday so we can all move on to the Second Coil of Bahamut as a team.

That's about it for my Eorzean adventures for now!


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