Monday, July 14, 2014

Useful Final Fantasy XIV Macros

Hey all, I wanted to post some of my macros I use for gameplay for my jobs in Final Fantasy XIV. I think macros are a great way to make some shortcuts and make the gameplay experience a bit easier for all. I'll write down the macro, the instructions, and an explanation of what each one does.

Some commonly used terms:
/ac - Stands for "action".   
/macroicon "Name of Ability" or /micon "Name of ability" - Replaces the icon of the macro with the icon and cooldown of the name of the ability it's tied to.   
<t> - The current target. "<t>" is replaced for the current target of the player.   
<tt> - The current target of the target. "<tt>" is replaced with the target of your target.
<me> - Your character. "<me>" is replaced with yourself.
/wait # - The amount of seconds (denoted by #) one will wait before executing another line in the macro. Note if you hit another macro, the current macro is ignored in favor of the new one. So hitting different macros in succession for a lot of different wait timers will overwrite one another.
/echo "Insert text here" - Speaks to yourself and alerts you about anything you want.

Example: /ac "Cure" <me> would begin to cast the spell "Cure" on myself.

So let's get started! If you're on PC, you can copy/paste these right into your macro pages and they should work. Drag them onto your hotbar and you're good to go! If you're on PS3/PS4, print this page out or write these down and input them in manually. Good luck! (Just copy and paste the bolded parts.)


Paladin/Gladiator/Warrior/Tank Macros:

Provoke Macro - Every tank should have this, especially for fights that require hate swapping in order to succeed. This macro effectively uses the provoke action and sends a ding on party chat to alert the party and/or the other tank that you just got the monster's attention.

/macroicon "Provoke"
/ac "Provoke" <t>
/wait 1
/p <<- Provoke @ <t> <se.10>

I play very nervously which causes me to spam the macro repeatedly. The /wait 1 before the final line ensures that the line at the end will only play once since hitting it repeatedly would cause the macros to override one another.

This macro effectively replaces my Provoke button on my hotbar and I've removed the original Provoke button from my ability list.


Spirits Within  (Paladin Only) - Not exactly necessary, and may be borderline annoying. Considering taking this out depending on the viability of silencing monsters in the future. But this is mainly used as a heads up to other people on a Silence rotation that you're using your ability. 

/macroicon "Spirits Within"
/ac "Spirits Within" <t>
/wait 1
/p Spirits Within ---> <t> 
/wait 45
/echo Spirits Within is now up. <se.10>

This macro effectively replaces my "Spirits Within" button on my hotbar and I've removed the original "Spirits Within" button from my ability list.


White Mage Macros:

Benediction Macro - I made this one as a safety catch. In normal gameplay, if you hit Benediction, it will automatically heal yourself and waste a cooldown on an important ability. For this reason, I wrote a macro that would force you to have someone targeted to use the ability so it wouldn't go to waste if you accidentally hit the wrong key.

/macroicon "Benediction"
/ac "Benediction" <t>
/p Benediction used on <t> --


This macro effectively replaces my Benediction button on my hotbar and I've removed the original Benediction button from my ability list.


Eye for an Eye/Virus Macro - This can be used with Scholars as well. Casts "Eye for an Eye" on the target so they take reduced damage and then applies Virus to their target so they do less damage to it. Great for preparing for a strong attack on the tank like Titan's "Mountain Buster" which can do 1500-2000 damage+ if hitting an unmitigated tank.

/macroicon "Eye for an Eye"
/ac "Eye for an Eye" <t>
/wait 2
/ac "Virus" <tt>
/p Using Eye for an Eye on <t> and Virus on <tt>

This macro effectively replaces my "Eye for an Eye" and "Virus" buttons on my hotbar and I've removed the original "Eye for an Eye" and "Virus" buttons from my ability list.


Divine Seal/Surecast Combination Ability - These two abilities are used together on my set. Surecast being used by itself is likely a waste of space, but feel free to correct me if you use White Mage and the ability often. I play White Mage very casually.

/macroicon "Divine Seal"
/ac "Divine Seal" <me>
/wait 1
/ac "Surecast" <me>

This macro effectively replaces my "Divine Seal" and "Surecast" buttons on my hotbar and I've removed the original "Divine Seal" and "Surecast" buttons from my ability list.


Stoneskin Macro - Stoneskins the whole party automatically. This one is admittedly a bit broken if you have less than a full party. I would recommend keeping Stoneskin by itself as well on the hotbar so you can apply during the fight as needed.

/ac "Stoneskin" <1>
/wait 4
/ac "Stoneskin" <2>
/wait 4
/ac "Stoneskin" <3>
/wait 4
/ac "Stoneskin" <4>
/wait 4
/ac "Stoneskin" <5>
/wait 4
/ac "Stoneskin" <6>
/wait 4
/ac "Stoneskin" <7>
/wait 4
/ac "Stoneskin" <8>


Aero/Aero II/Stone/Stone II Macros - The nuking spells for White Mage have to be cast on enemies. I've re-written these to work so that hitting these buttons will cast these spells when you have a party member targeted. Of course, the party member has to be attacking the boss. I usually do this with the tank targeted if everyone's good on HP in order to dish out a little DPS on my healer class. These macros make use of the "target of target" <tt> function I was talking about earlier.

Aero -

/macroicon "Aero"
/ac "Aero" <tt>

Aero II -

/macroicon "Aero II"
/ac "Aero II" <tt>

Stone -

/macroicon "Stone"
/ac "Stone" <tt>

Stone II -

/macroicon "Stone II"
/ac "Stone II" <tt>

The problem with these macros is that they're no good if you're soloing. If you want to solo, you could likely add the a third line below it that will cast it on <t> instead of <tt>.


Black Mage Macros:

Manawall/Manaward Combo Macro - I find having Manawall and Manaward as separate abilities a waste of an ability space. If I am going to be hit by one devastating ability, I would rather have all my resistances go up at one time, so keeping them separate does me no good. I may get rid of this macro if fights in the future require these to be used separately, so this isn't an end all solution.

/macroicon "Manawall"
/ac "Manawall" <me>
/wait 2
/ac "Manaward" <me>

This macro effectively replaces my Manawall and Manaward buttons on my hotbar and I've removed the original Manawall and Manaward buttons from my ability list.


Bard/Archer Macros:

Blunt Arrow Macro - Alerts the party and other silencers when you're silencing a monster if you need a silence rotation.

/macroicon "Blunt Arrow"
/ac "Blunt Arrow" <t>
/p << Silencing <t> with Blunt Arrow <se.11>
/wait 30
/echo Blunt Arrow is now up

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