Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #27

Hey all, back with the 27th development log!


The Selatria Kickstarter is expected to go live this month, and we're working with testers and getting feedback to get a fair analysis of the game before we put it live to the public.

The storyline for the final chapter is almost done, the team and I are talking over some details on the plot and getting that straightened out. After that, we will send to the voice actors to record and finish up, and then cast the missing voiced roles.

The semi-final version of the new title screen, with a new horizontal section menu that was developed by Matt a few weeks ago. We're trying to figure out a good place to put the logo without ruining the essence of the art. Any suggestions?

Here's also some footage from Chapter 3-3 of Selatria in development!

Christopher Nuño is in the process of developing new music for the project. We tentatively meet every Thursday ish to hash out new music for the game project. We are keeping some themes under wraps to make a debut with the Kickstarter pitch, but take a preview of what we have in store to show the public when we go live in a few weeks!

The first is a preview of the new title theme as it was being composed in real time! I requested that the new title theme is more consistent with the rest of the music in the project in order to give the game some cohesion in terms of musical style. Pieces of Selatria's overarching main theme are present in the new title theme and the ship theme. Take a look and a listen if you please!

That's about it! It's a very short development log, because I want to save a lot of surprises for later this month. Please look forward to our Kickstarter later this month and thanks for your support of our project!

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