Sunday, August 24, 2014

My current issue with the current Patch 2.3

I think my biggest beef with FFXIV's game design philosophy (or most of WoW-ish MMO's) is that people will always go for bigger better gear but never really appreciate the adventure along the way.

That's probably what I liked most about playing Final Fantasy XI. Level 75 itself was okay, but it was the time spent getting to 75, all of the long quests and storyline to get there. The ring you were given at the end was decent-ish, but it was the long adventure with friends and the really hard boss battles along the way that I remember.

But even that game has changed too.

I understand the desire to keep carrots dangling above players' heads to keep them playing, but some effort should be given to the journey itself instead of simply modifying the carrot at the end.

This has been your friendly neighborhood gamer rant.
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