Monday, January 19, 2015

Game Design Philosophy - Team Structure

This post about Game Design Philosophy will be about our team structure.

For Selatria, I act as the central focus point for the project, where the different team members would report to me, and with that information/assets, I would pass them onto other sectors of the project. I also have a hand in the game design and programming and story.

The flowchart of team structure for Selatria

While a good feature of this structure that we've created is that we can ensure everyone is on the same page for the project, a big drawback from this structure is that far too much responsibility is placed on one individual. Another big drawback is we did not have much accounted for in terms of marketing.

For this reason, we want to change the structure for future projects we develop in the studio. We're going to try this method which allows us to have more than one project in development at a time.

Tentative Game Development Structure

In the above flowchart, we've separated Overseer and Director. The Director will focus on leading the team and production of the game, the Executive Producer, the Overseer, and Director will talk about the development of the game, and the duties are split. Because of the role and knowledge being separated over three people, no one person is being hit with the brunt of all of the responsibility.

And as mentioned earlier, we now allocate a spot for marketing in the process from the get go. Time and time again, we've underestimated the importance of marketing in the development process, and to fit that into the core of our team will be a good step going forward.

Are you developing a game in a team? What is the structure like in your team? How can we improve ours? Feel free to comment below!

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