Thursday, January 1, 2015

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #30

Hey all, Happy New Year! Back with the 30th development log.

With a new year comes a new mission and list of goals for the company.

Goals for 2015:
  • After celebrating four years in development, the story/plot and all of the music for Selatria will be finished up, and looking forward to making a lot of progress on the development of cutscenes.

  • One more casting-call for voice actors for the second half of Selatria.

  • Start a new surreal/comedy action/beat-em-up game that I've wanted to work on but never really had time to.

  • Attend E3 with the expanded development team
  • Giving more talks about game development and our experiences at the studio to CSUSB. I really enjoyed that this year and I'd like to continue that.

In order to fulfill these goals, I'm going to follow the Three C's Plan: Create, Communicate, Collaborate:
  • Create - Expand studio days to the weekday afternoons after 4PM beginning later this month. Finish Selatria this year and release it to different game networks. Also evaluate the best performing team members from Selatria and ANTics and merge them to work on a new project beginning this summer.
  • Communicate - Develop a fan base. Get the word out of our projects in a more efficient manner. Consolidate the created Whim Independent Studios twitter accounts, sync the posting activities between social media, have something to show for #screenshotsaturday, and bring a Marketing person onto the team to get news about our progress to the right channels, and not repeat the same mistakes.
  • Collaborate - Focus on working with others using checklists and defined requirements to work towards a finished product.

This will be a great year for development. Even with the recent setbacks we've encountered, we still have a lot of great things to show you this year.

Until the next development log!


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