Friday, April 10, 2015

My views on "the friend zone"

The friend zone is an okay place to be in, I'm not exactly certain why people think it's this vile place or an undesirable state to be in. People have friend zoned me, I've certainly had my share of friend zoning others.

The issue isn't the friend zone, so to say. The issue is feeling entitled to be out of it.

No one deserves another. You can't change someone's feelings, if they don't see you as a friend, then you have to accept it and move forward. Feeling that a person is supposed to like you because you're nice to them doesn't make a relationship, it creates resentment. You shouldn't be nice to someone because you want them to do something or manipulate them, you should do it because you're simply that, a nice person.

An equally bad person is one who eggs on the attention knowing they're leading someone on. That is just as bad as someone who feels they're nice because they're entitled to someone.

Friend zone isn't the problem. Entitled people and attention-seekers are the problem.

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