Thursday, May 7, 2015

Friendly or Flirtatious?

What's the difference between being friendly and being flirtatious? I seem to have them backwards when it comes to people I don't know too well. In most instances, I'll play it safe and assume every one is friendly unless they outwardly say otherwise or the hints, at least what I perceive, is something more.

I've seen far too many stories of people who are labeled as creepy because they mistakenly thought wrong on the flirtatious concept, or thinking someone was flirting the whole time. Being rejected is fine, but is it worth gambling your reputation to have that "creepy" label? I don't think it is.

To some, being just friends is seen as an insult or hurtful. Maybe it is because they don't want something more, maybe it's a hit to the ego,  I don't really know the answer. I think having someone as a friend, or someone considering to be your friend is an honor that they're willing to sacrifice their time and energy to be in your presence. You matter to them and vice-versa (in varying capacities).

Anyhow, just felt like typing out what was on my mind.
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