Sunday, May 31, 2015

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #33

Hello readers, welcome to the 33rd development log!

Development of our studio is coming along very nicely. In the past few months, one of our team artists, Deborah, has doubled as our new social media administrator. She has been keeping our Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr pages up to date with all new information about the game. Be sure to say hi! Like and follow our whimindie pages and show your support!

Also debuting this upcoming month is our new enhanced studio logo! Designed by Geno Quesada, it contains the lettering of our old logo, with our new blue ring design around it!

We will also be making our second appearance as a company to the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015 from June 16-18. Some of us will be wearing t-shirts with our logo on them. Be sure to say hi!


Chapter 2 now available for Indiegogo backers!

First and foremost,
at the time of this posting, we also have a playable section of Chapters 1 and 2 available for play for Indiegogo backers. During the summer, we will have a test period available. If you supported us in the Indiegogo campaign, please check your email and download the game and give it a try! Thanks to your support, we were able to make the game fun and challenging up to this point! 

New character art: 

Check out some of the new characters that will be featured in Chapter 3! Art by Deborah Groves -

New in-development screenshots: 
Below are some of the new screenshots in development of the game. Terrain Art and Spike Shield monster designed by Jennifer Gilliland, and the Wisp/Ghost monsters presented were designed by Deborah Groves! Also pictured below is the new toggle tooltip developed by Leigh-anna Griswould!

New music!

Take a listen to a sample of one of the new themes in development for Chapter 3! The Uncharted Waters theme composed by Christopher Nuño. This track will play if you wander too far off the edge of the Overworld on Ship and you're "out of range", so to say.

Tumblr Page now available!

As mentioned in the preface, we now have a Tumblr page available, managed by our team artist, Deborah Groves! She is posting new information about the game every day, and we will use that platform to show off new videos, images, and character profiles as development of the game progresses! In fact, when the Selatria tumblr gets 30 followers, perhaps we will have a new reveal for you?

Story and Auditions:

Ryan Homme and I are currently writing the last section of Selatria’s story to bring the game to a grand conclusion. We’ve casted a lot of new people to roles in preparation to send them lines for the game, and new auditions for roles will be springing up in the coming days.

As of this development log, however, we’ve temporarily closed auditions while we go through all of the ones that were sent in the past couple of weeks. New roles that will be posted in the future will include the main role of Hat, the minor role of Mage's mother, and supporting roles of other chapters that aren't quite ready to reveal at this point! I am coming up with new audition lines for these, and they will be posted after we go through the lines from the last round.

If you would like to audition for a voiced role in Selatria, book mark our auditions page at and feel free to contact us!

Upcoming Changes to the Battle System:

We have some changes we're going to be implementing for Selatria's battle system in the near future.

We have plans in mind to have Melanie be able to be two-handed Greatswords as part of her equipment. Greatswords will allow for Melanie to be a hard-hitting damage dealer, but at the expense of large defense and speed, as well as not being able to equip a shield.

We are going to be making a lot of changes to Paramedic class for Mage as well, in future versions, we are going to add a healing potency to every single one of Paramedic spells, combine all of the status purification spells for Paramedic into one solid “Purify” that covers healing every status effect, and change “Negate” to cancel out boosts to enemy stats.

Mage's Elementalist forme will feature an increase to spell potency so Elementalist spells will do a greater amount of damage.

For expansions on the Team Attack Battle System (TABS), we will be introducing new characters in Chapter 2 and on that are hybrid characters. Characters that can chain off others as well as execute trigger attacks of their own. We will expand more on this in a future development log!

Game Design:

As for the current game design, we’re currently developing the end of Chapter 3 going onto Chapter 4. Each Chapter of Selatria will have a different gameplay focus, as Chapter 2 will have dungeons with a focus on puzzle solving, Chapter 3 will be more mini-game focused.


Development of the PC version and iOS client are underway! They will be coming out this Summer! We will have a new video that will accompany those releases, and we’re currently looking for a home to be able to release the PC client! More information about ANTics will be coming in future development logs!

That's it for now. Until next time!

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