Sunday, December 18, 2016

Whim Independent Studios - Development Log #37

Hey everyone! Here with the newest development log and the last one to round out the year. 

Selatria: Advent of the Dakk'rian Empire is coming to Steam!

If you have not heard, we will be partnering with indie RPG publisher Aldorlea Games to bring the first three chapters of Selatria to Steam in January 2017! While we don't have a precise date just yet, The release will coincide with our first major Patch 1.1, which will have a lot of awesome new tweaks and additions.

Selatria: Advent of the Dakk'rian Empire - Patch 1.1

One of the biggest changes to Patch 1.1 will be the addition of Selactic monsters. There will be special purple points where you can deposit Selactite to be able to spawn optional (but challenging!) boss encounters. Defeating these will yield permanent stat boosts and special rewards as well as a trophy specific to the encounter. You'll be able to exchange these trophies in the second part of the game for better rewards, so I encourage you to take on these special challenges.


For those who have played very early builds of Selatria may remember this feature. Unfortunately, to make the timing of the original September release, we temporarily removed this feature and reworked it to better fit the game.

Development of Chapter 4

Development of Chapter 4 of Selatria is currently underway! Unfortunately, there's not too much spoiler-free content we can show at the moment as the chapter is being developed out of order with the harder content being worked on first. As Chapter 1 demonstrated as introductory, Chapter 2 having a focus on tough boss battles, and Chapter 3 being deeply focused on minigames and branching paths, the style we are taking with Chapter 4 is more open compared to what you may have played so far. More information about new characters, and announcements for new roles and voices to come in 2017!

A look back at the year:

This year, we've started demonstrating our games at events - First we had our awesome yearly meetup at E3 in Los Angeles, right after E3 was over, we exhibited our games for the first time in a public forum at  the Everybody's Art Show in Victorville, CA and then the Playcrafting Expo at the Microsoft Offices in Los Angeles, CA - It was a fun time! It was really fun to see others play our games in-person and received some invaluable feedback not only from the attendees, but from fellow programmers and designers. Much thanks to Paul, Jon, Geno, Chris, and Chris, and the Groves Family for helping out with the shows!

What's next?

In 2017 we plan on following-up with this and attending and demonstrating our games at more events such as:

GDC  in San Francisco in February-March 2017
LVL Up Expo 2017 in Las Vegas in May 2017
E3 in June 2017
Gameacon Las Vegas in September 2017
Future Playcrafting LA events in 2017 (quarterly)

That's about it for this log. Until next time! Here's to a great 2017!

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